Stellar Performance Marketing, Inc.

... a telemarketing project development company specializing in the development of new telemarketing projects and enhancement of existing programs for a variety of clients.

Specifically, Stellar Performance provides the following types of services:
1.  Matching telemarketing centers with clients on a commission-only basis.
2.  On Site telemarketing center consultations.

3.  Script writing and program enhancements.
4.  Database and list management.
5.  Programming on specific types of dialers.
6.  Direct Mail, 'The Old-Fashioned Way', It gets opened!

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Today is:   

Available: Great back office company with over 10 years experience working for US companies verifying sale data from recordings and data entry.

Great Quality Assurance Department.

Instead of managing a bunch of employees to listen to recordings, you might want to consider saving as much as $5,000.00 per rep per year.

...And rid yourself of a lot of management headaches!

One company saves approximately $100k per year by outsourcing ALL their QA needs.

So instead of having 20 people verify sales (inbound and outbound) and do QA monitoring, they have 1 manager and an assistant.

Pricing is $6.00 per hour.

$5.50/hour for 5 FTEs and up.

Special, immediate telemarketing-related needs:

Telemarketing companies looking for extra work?
Have experience setting appointments and doing follow up calls?

Fast payments from one of the best clients in North America.
$225 per qualifed appointment paid the following Friday.

Dozens of locations nationwide with a national chain.





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  Special areas of interest and past highlights include:

  1. Mortgage surveys. Generating basic applications forwarded to loan officers for possible closing.
  2. Travel and motor clubs. Managed 60,000+ motor club hours in one center in 1 year -- all at goal!
  3. Managed up to 2,000 hours/day as National Account Manager for the same motor club.
  4. Managed one center from a 6 figure loss, to a (almost) 6 figure gain--in 1 fiscal year..and predicted it 6 months ahead of time.
  5. Doubled one client's hours from an operational ground zero, in one month--at goal.
  6. Had one (membership program) client double their annual their request because of stellar performance.

A number of centers are already registered with Stellar Performance Marketing and several clients have been placed--many long term. Stellar Performance Marketing currently works with several clients running over 800 hours per day.

Therefore, centers wishing to register may do so at no charge by downloading the forms from the downloads page. You'll need to download the registration form (just fill it out in excel in about 5 minutes) and the centeragreement document.
... Or just call 712-225-1288

ATTENTION Telemarketing managers and supervisors.

I'm frequently asked if I know someone that can fill different types of positions. If you're interested, email a brief bio and/or attach a resume. If something comes up, we'll contact no charge. Feel free to call anytime if your company is looking for work, or for yourself.

Dan Seliger, Stellar Performance Marketing, Inc.
PO Box 354
Cherokee, IA 51012
(712) 225-1288

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Client's Page (there's usually little or no charge to post a project.)
Timeshare Clients. Numerous centers have experience with this type of telemarketing.
Mortgage Clients: Need to keep your loan officers busy? Click here.
NEW. Download forms and information directly from this page.
Labor Problems with your center? Check out these tips.
Attendance issues? Not hitting your daily hours' goals. Check out the 89-cent solution.
Centers looking for work. Click here.
Projects available now are listed at the top of the page.
Sales Hints for telemarketers. All rights reserved. When used correctly, performance increases of 10-20% have occurred.
Training Information. Get new classes on the floor faster, with less training time and increase morale.
Miscellaneous products and services.
Are you a manager, supervisor, etc., looking for something new?
Politic candidates can lock in their win now.
LD Rates, advertising info, list info, etc.
Interviewing Information. Get 70% of your applicants right the first time.
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