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If you have any empty chairs, you're losing revenue. Why not fill 'em? A variety of telemarketing projects are listed below. If you're interested in any or all of them, just email us or just make a quick call to Dan Seliger directly at 712-225-1288.

Each project listed below identifies if the payment is per item, or an hourly rate.

- Posted 3-18-12

Telemarketing companies looking for extra work?
Can you set appointments and do follow up calls?

Fast payments from one of the best clients in North America. $225 per qualifed appointment paid the following Friday.

Dozens of locations nationwide with a national chain. Scripts, paperwork, etc., available. No brokers please. Client is not accepting Asian call centers (Phillipines might be okay).

You should be able to average a booking every 2 hours with a show rate in the 25%+ range.

Gifts provided by the client.


A client that markets timeshares and travel clubs around the country is looking for domestic, or possibly near-shore (not India, Pakistan or Philippines) centers for a variety of Travel Clubs and Timeshares around the country. Excellent payment history with this client for over 10 years. Fast turn around on payments. Paid every Friday for all shows from the previous week (through Sunday). Must be DNC compliant and be able to prove it.

In general, here are the specs for most of these projects: