Timeshare project. Day trips to popular locale. Excellent Gifts. Pays $160 per qualified show. Experienced centers preferred but not absolutely necessary. This client has an excellent payment history. Able to book tours 7-days/week (2 each on weeknights) and 4 slots on Saturday. Needs 50+ tours per week beginning immediately.
For info on the revenue per hour you can expect on this project, click here.
and look at the highlighted row of figures.

POST DATE: 9-12-01

Travel upsell or stand-alone program. Just $99.00 to consumers (retail of $400+). $25.00 to the room. Client reports sph's in the 3 to 4 sales per hour.
This project is ideal for timeshare/travel club rooms or any room that wants to generate additional revenue to their existing product/program mix.
References can be provided. Some telemarketing centers reportedly averaging 1,000 sales per week and more. A 24-station predictive room is doing 300+ sales per day.
10-year old travel company.
POST DATE: 7-18-01.

POST DATE 6-22-01.
California offsite in a very large metro area needs about 40-60 tours per week. Gifts include a choice of a digital camera cert with software and cable ($129 value) and a choice of vacation packages. Ages need to be 21 and up, employed, 40k in income paying $140/tour. Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Easy night slots to fill (5:30 and 8) and weekends (11, 1:30 and 4pm).
Booking rates of 1.5 per hour should be expected with a 20% (minimum) show rate.
Excellent payment history.

POST DATE 6-13-01. Currently pending client agreement expected to be received on 6-14-01.
East coast (RCI) timeshare near a well-know beach area, project paying $160 to $170/show. Payment may vary based on weekday versus weekend shows and gifts used. 10-man line is capable of 8-10 tours per time slot (3 times per day) for a total of about 150-200 tours per week. Gifts are being finalized to include a special incentive for daytrippers, free overnights, air line certificate(s) and dinner certs.

Central timezone onsite timeshare paying $160.00 per show. Great gifts (round trip air and 2 nites for 2 from nearby international airport to either Vegas or Orlando). Client has excellent payment history. POST DATE: 6-11-01. Filled on 6-12-01.

Central timezone onsite timeshare paying $160.00 per show. Choice of 2 out 3 gifts. Client has excellent payment history. POST DATE: 6-12-01. Filled on 6-12-01.

$25.00 per hour. Mortgage program for east coast mortgage company. Placed on 5-24-01.

$25.00 per hour. Mortgage program for midwest mtg broker. Placed on 5-4-01.

$25.00 per hour. May goto $26.00 after 30 days IF the center chosen is hitting goals consistently. Set appointments for an alarm company in the midwest. Company has experience with telemarketing and good references. He's looking for 1.5 appointments (consumers) per telemarketing hour. Although the project is small (about one or 2 reps per night/45-55 appts per week) it could grow as salespeople are added. The project won't work well manually. Client will pay for the list but it needs to consist of homeowners. Beacon scoring not necessary because the client knows that the cost of such lists isn't worth it. Out of 15 appointments, the client knows he'll sell 5, have 5 credit-crap outs, and 5 say no. You'll call one zip code at a time and each zip will last about 4 weeks. As that list gets penetrated, start on another list. Script, reporting requirements, etc. No calls have been made for this company for over a year. Placed on 4-13-01.

Average at least 3 sales per hour.
Simple long-distance project with third party verification in place.
Script, sales screen process, TPV, rebuttals, all in place.
Database provided and back-end matched against cc on file. No need to capture card number on call.
4.9 cent per minute dial-1 rate with small monthly fee and one-time activation.
Primary response needed is, ‘sounds too good to be true’.
Payments of $8.75 per valid sale. Centers should net $25-$35 per hour.
14-months in USA, 4-years in Europe.
No Chargebacks because very few customers cancel.
POST DATE: 3-26-01
Current status: Project is currently on hold.

Travel Program.
Center gets $168.00 per sale.

Who can help this company? A centrally located insurance company with a couple of local agents has a special return-of-premium policy. If a customer is spending about $50 / month (or more) on life insurance, this company can help the consumer with their life insurance needs / retirement planning.
This company currently needs 60-100 appointments per week. Post Date: 3-20-01

Travel club project for the central TZ. Need at least 5 qualified tours for 3 to 4 tour slots per day (roughly 50-60 hours per day). Needed immediately.
$145.00 per qualified tour. Should net centers $30-$40 / hour.
Post date: 3-12-01.

Smaller travel club project requiring manual dialing. About 10-20 hours per day calling the Mountain & Pac TZ's. Need about 100 tours per week. Pays $140.00 per qualified show. Need to fill immediately.
Post date: 2-27-01.

If you're interested in a long-distance program where the consumer can make all of their monthly long-distance calls for less than $30.00/month in certain geographical areas of the country, give me a call or just email us.
Script, responses, Q&A, sales screen process, NPA-NXX, sales transmission process and verifications are all in place.
No need for TPV at this time because there is no change in LD on the customer's part.
Consumer project primarily but b-to-b (with limitations) also available. $28 / sale ($23.00 one week out from pay date and $5.00 in second month). Also, volume bonus of $4.00 per sale starting at 5,000 sales, residual bonus and stock options. SPH's in the 2.00 to 3.00 range very doable with the direct billing option implemented on 2-21-01.
Center has the capability of controlling the invoicing.
One center called old leads for a day and 80 sales in about 25 hours.
Paid weekly (one week lag).
Post Date: 2-13-01
Last update to this project: 3-2-01

Special Travel Club project setting appointments/tours beginning with the client's grand opening in mid-February and ongoing after that. Payments of $140.00 / qualified tour with a show rate that should be in the 25-35% range. Qualified tours/dinner presentation with incomes of 45k and ages 25-70. Could be a great opportunity for companies with timeshare / Travel Club experience.
post date: 01-23-01. placed on: Filled.

ADT client in the midwest is looking for an experienced telemarketing agency to generate solid appointments for their sales reps / in-home alarm installation. Based on performance and a test of 100 hours at hourly rates of up to $32.
post date: 01-10-01. placed on: 01-11-01.

Mortgage Program. Call consumers with a specially selected list on the east coast and gather data on possible refinancing. Client offers a variety of mortgage programs including 125's. $32.00 per hour. POST DATE: 12-20-2000. Placed on 12-22-2000.

Mortgage Program. Call consumers with a specially selected list on the east coast and gather data on possible refinancing. Client offers a variety of mortgage programs including 125's. $32.00 per hour. POST DATE: 12-20-2000. Placed on 12-22-2000.

Two new, East Coast timeshares available. Pay per show is $150, paid weekly.
POST DATE: 12-12-00.

Timeshare project available in the Midwest. Large universe of potential consumers is available in this area. Pays $160.00 per show with great incentives.

Post date: 12-8-00 Filled.

Timeshare project available on the West Coast. Pays $145.00 per show.

Post date: 12-8-00 Filled.

e-mail to register or just call 712-225-1288

Dan Seliger, Stellar Performance Marketing, Inc.
PO Box 354
Cherokee, IA 51012
(712) 225-1288
email address is stellarmail@ncn.net

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The following projects are old.

Derogatory credit program averaging 2-3 sales per hour average with third party verification.
Paying $50.00 per sale. Even with a 50% rejection of sales (average is 20% now), you'd still be earning over $50.00/hour: The ideal potential for a 'per-item' project.
Call or email for details.

Post Date: 12-7-00 Filled.

Post date 4-29-00. 3 different Timeshare Programs available in the Northeast.
Weekly pay for every qualified couple (or significant other) that attends a tour. Simple program with areas/zip codes to call. Premiums given to the people that tour. Get $150.00-$152.00 per qualified tour.
One timeshare needs 50 tours per weekend. 2 others need a minimum of 40 tours each.
These 3 projects could be worth 300-400 hours per week.
For more info, call or email.

Post date = 4-30-00.

Alarm program. Earn $115.00 per credit approved sale. Installation is handled by the client and you're paid for sales that pass credit. Net SPH should be .33 to .40 (after credit rejects).
Customer receives free installation on the basic program with 2 month's free monitoring. After that, the cost is only $29.95/month.

Client is willing to provide AB leads provided each center averages a minimum of 20 sales per week.

Post date: 4-16-00.

Inbound add-on program. Earn up to $4.00 per inbound sale when you add on one or two programs with a free 30-day trial to a customer's credit card.

Legal aid program. Sell the service to consumers. $24.00-$30.00 / hour, depending on sph. Need a .35 to hit the low end. .50 gets $30/hour. $40.00/sale 'til you hit the .35 sph average. Brand new center started this 2 weeks ago and they're at .35 already.
This project is doing very well. post date = 12-23-99.

Internet hosting and web program. Business-to-business. Call for details. post date = 12-23-99

  1. Business-to-business project.
  2. bi-weekly payment.
  3. Proven script, responses, fulfillment process.
POST DATE = 12-2-99.

NEEDED (11-8-99....Existing client with excellent payment history since 8-'96 is looking for:

  1. Strong MIS/programming staff (to handle initial project set up and daily data transmission).
  2. Good monitoring staff able to handle daily conference calls and monitoring of reps.
  3. Minimal direct client contact needed. You just communicate with our client directly and they deal with the client(s) in nearly all cases.
  4. Good verification staff...2 types: internal callback or transfer and tape.
  5. Centers located on the West Coast or in the MTN TZ ideal.
  6. Hourly payment, $22.00 to $23.00/hour.
  7. This client has been in business for over 10 years and for the past 2.5 years has outsourced up to 700 hours/day!
  8. Client prefers to work with a telemarketing company in a warm climate in a large city.
  9. Size: 50ish-seat center preferred.

POST DATE 10-07-99
CLOSED--No more room currently available.
Contact consumers for a well known telephone company to offer them a long distance rate as low as 5 cents per minute.
Centers without ANY experience averaging about 1.00 sph. Centers with experience averaging 1.20-1.50 sph. Average provision rate is 75-80%.
Centers get $28.00 per sale. Half of that ($14.00) is paid weekly, and the balance is paid upon the customer's activation.
(usually within 30 days or sooner).

Contact 5000 businesses and verify their contact info and web info. Manual calling that must be data entered as the call progresses.

PLACED 8-14-99.

Inbound upsell opportunity. Earn $2.50 per 'pitch' for just reading a 30-second script at the end of every inbound call!

Client has a dozen references available.
If you're an inbound center, this WILL add to your bottom line substantially.

CLEC and East Coast reseller has a great dialtone/ld project for days and nights. As of 8-22-99, this project is still available.

Available Mid-June, 1999....
New client: Lots of Market Areas.
Average (NET) .50 to as high as 1.00 sale per hour, and great salespeople can average 1.50 to 2.00 sales per hour. Great/Excellent customer billing options.
Tap into a market that can probably only double for the next few years, since on average, only 20-30% of the country has a cellular phone now. West Coast company with a customer-service, can-do philosophy, in conjunction with national cellular provider(s) is making this program available.
This is not a 'test' project.

The company has developed and tested the scripts, rebuttals, sales screens, STREAMLINED verification process and chargeback process (very low), etc.


Available Mid-June, 1999....
  1. Brand New Client.
  2. Unique Product.
  3. Contact selected homeowners nationwide about a great new program.
  4. Potentially high volume and long-term growth with an early life-cycle client.
  5. List(s) provided.

To explore any of this information further, just call Stellar Performance Marketing @ 712-225-1288, or send an email from the bottom of the page.
If you don't seriously consider this project ASAP, you must be operating at 100% of daily capacity at $35.00 to $40.00 per hour with a 7-day pay.

Call businesses in selected states about switching their telephone local service (dialtone).

  1. $25.00 per sale.
  2. Another center has averaged 1.4-1.5 NET on a similar 'CLEC' project.
  3. Excellent back-end reporting.
  4. Good payment history.
  5. This is an existing client with a new program...easier than anything else!
  6. B-to-B program with other benefits available.
  7. Great guarantee for the customer... The client guarantees their savings!
  8. If you've sold long distance, this will be a walk in the park!
  9. Script, responses, sales screens, TPV, etc. in place.
  10. Paid weekly.
    Selected registered centers have already been given the contact info on this project. Once it grows, more centers may be added.

    If you don't call about this project now, you shouldn't ever call!

    Inbound project: 200-2000 calls per day. Must be available 7 days per week, especially Sundays, and about 7-12 Mon thru Sat. RFP close date 9-16-98.

    Possible Availability: 9-17-98
    $22.00 per sale and client will prove 1.2 is doable. Utility company needs appliance warranties. You must have great, and ON TIME reporting as well as the ability to report disposition codes.

    FLASH UPDATE: 4-3-98. RE: Importance of registration.
    In the past 24 hours (5pm central time on 4-2-98 to 1pm on 4-3-98), registered centers with inbound capability have had the opportunity to bid on 2 inbound projects, and one outbound client was placed...would you have been interested?

    Possible b-to-b client looking at $30/hour. Contact CEO's about internal processes and efficiencies. Essentially an appointment setting project.
    Selected Registered Centers have already been given the opportunity to bid on this project.
    RFP CLOSE DATE = August 4, 1998


    1. High Yield $$$ Telemarketing Program.
    2. Client drops mail and you take incoming calls.
    3. Can also be done outbound.
    4. Turn empty chairs and/or downtime into profit centers.
    5. B-to-C.
    6. Excellent Training.
    7. Paid Weekly.
    8. No Chargebacks.
    9. Proven program for over 5 years.

    Daytime, Business-to-business calling. Contact new businesses and smaller, businesses about the internet.
    Easy billing options. Script, lists, sales screens, objections, questions, training materials etc., will be supplied.
    Client will pay $30.00 to $34.00 per sale. Client might consider an hourly rate of $22.00, with a sales per hour goal of .80 to 1.00.

    Customer billing options are:
    1. Light credit card ask with an incentive.
    2. Followed by a check debit (also with an incentive).
    3. Direct bill (invoice).
    4. Low monthly customer cost helps ensure the program's success.
    5. Data needs to be zipped and emailed daily.
    6. Reports need to be faxed daily by 11am central time.
    7. Fullfillment/data entry on internet is arranged.
    8. Possibility to grow to 2,000 hours/week.
    9. Possiblity to callback customers in the future to discuss other advertising possibilities and related services.
    10. Payment terms from client can be negotiated. Client will accept weekly invoices with net 30 or 45.
    11. Outsourced invoicing is being arranged for daily invoicing and the final steps are in place to fulfill all requests the following day (fulfill the customer's business information within 1-3 working days).

    For more information on this 'early-life-cycle' project, call Dan Seliger at 712-225-1288 or send an email now. e-mail now

    Internet project. Call businesses to set up their web page.
    Proven script, responses, sales screens, etc.
    Several references provided (including other rooms).
    Professionally designed web sites and package.
    This is NOT a test project. Company has been in business several years.
    Weekly payment plan and a residual is possible.
    Client will do everything possible to make you successful.
    Training provided.
    Continual support and feedback.

    PLACED 6-4-98

    PLACED: $23.00/hour calling business for specialized advertising and long distance project.

    200 hours every other week. $18-$20/hour. Call businesses to give away 2 free tickets to a local seminar. This project was placed on 9-16-98 but may expand to as much as 1200 hours per week in the next few months. No brainer program that can be great for reps with pleasant voices but can't sell.

    SORRY, Project only works with true entrepenuers!

    Outbound B-to-B client

    True Business-to-Business project. Proven script, rebuttals, and sales program that has worked for over 8 years. Four centers calling now and room for up to 200 more hours per day. Some centers earning up to $45.00 per hour and higher. Client will make a week's worth of training available.
    Centers needing long-term daytime (B-to-B) work, welcome to inquire. One outsourced manual center now going predictive after 1.5 years. Predictive dialer would be helpful, but it is possible to do this project manually.
    Call smaller businesses and offer a product they all need! One center, without b-to-b experience, had a $35.00/hour average week with about 75 hours/day with all new reps and sups!!!
    It's proven and it works.
    Need a career path for TSRs? This is it! Personally met one rep at the client's center earning over $100K. Imagine what you could make!

    Sorry: ALREADY PLACED in early April.
    Inbound project with the potential for 800-900 calls per day and a possible quadrupling in volume. 7X24 inbound capability.

    Great Consumer project. Available in mid-summer, 1999. Help potentially millions of consumers save money on all types of current debts, save money for the future, and more!
    Program information, scripts, rebuttals, sales screens, quality assurance, verification procedures and back-end processing of sales are listed in the link.

    Needed: Outbound Telemarketing for Catastrophe project.

    (Posted 11-27-97...)

    Major Insurance client has up to 1.2 million names to be automatically called by a predictive-type auto dialer to leave a short message (up to 30 seconds). In the event of imminently adverse weather or some other catastrophe, a portion of the 1.2 million names will need to be selected by the outbound center for calling. The selection process may be by region, coast, state, area codes, zip codes or any type of combination.
    The calls will need to be a pre-recorded, standard message that may, or may not, vary. In general, the message will alert the insurance company's members that if they have problems or questions, to call an 800#. Problems could range from, 'my basement is flooded', or 'my roof blew off', to 'my car is in the ditch'. This project may need to be implemented several times a year or zero times per year. It is estimated that up to 50,000 people may need to be called in a given 24-hour period but this figure may vary considerably based on the type of emergency. The members are located nationwide. Centers interested in this project need to be able to:

    Follow up on 150,000 mail piece drop. Quick little survey program. Fully scripted. Only 240 hours/day are available for 2 centers. Hourly rate. A 10,000 name test is being conducted in near future. (After Thanksgiving, 1997)

    To register your center, a quick and easy survey form will be emailed to you. Upon receipt of your center's registration form, a simple agreement will be forwarded.
    Once this is received, specific information about a client or project will be released or forwarded to you, pending client approval. The registration form can be downloaded now by clicking here. It will ask:

    6. SPECIALTY: Long-distance, surveys, products & services, political, etc.
    10. MINIMUM AND MAXIMUM RATES desired (by type: OB, IB, Both)
    11. Other pertinent information.

    Dan Seliger, Stellar Performance Marketing, Inc.
    PO Box 354
    Cherokee, IA 51012
    (712) 225-1288
    email address is stellarmail@ncn.net

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