This page is primarily for Timeshare Clients and those entities outsourcing timeshare telemarketing projects.

Timshare companies that need to increase their 'show' rates should review the information on this page.

Timeshare and Travel Club companies are running into the same problems: Areas are being pummelled by telemarketing companies in an effort to produce shows and with time, the timeshare properties lose crucial shows.

The problem is like a snowball rolling down a steep hill. The Telemarketing companies quit calling for the resort because they can't be profitable. The consumers in the area get mad because any number of telemarketing companies keep calling them. New telemarketing companies get discouraged very quickly. The sales line at the resort starts losing good sales people.... And it only gets worse.

Here is the solution:

1. Control ALL the leads (we do this for you on a per show basis. We manage all the leads for $5 per show).

2. Control which centers get the leads (we help you with this and only give leads out to quality producing centers).

3. Rotate the leads and gifts every 9-12 months (or as the database is called completely through).

4. Keep your best salespeople selling. Keep the telemarketing productive.



Email or give us a call.

Stellar Performance Marketing has over 40 registered telemarketing centers that conduct work for various clients and many of them have timeshare experience. The size and type of these centers range from small 2-4 person 'manual' shops to 100+ predictive dialer telemarketing companies. We are in the process of procuring relationships with telemarketing companies world-wide.

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