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Mortgage companies need to keep their loan officers busy. To do this, the mortgage company needs to have valid, workable leads for their loan officers to follow up on.

As a mortgage company, you realize that few, if any, of your loan officers will make 'cold' calls to help generate their own leads.

Where is a loan officer's time best spent: Prospecting or closing deals?

In the past several years, homeowners have been called relentlessly by thousands of mortgage companies from all over the country.

In the early and mid 90's, telemarketing consumers for mortgage prospects would average bewteen .80 and 1.20 abbreviated applications per hour.
(An abbreviated app being one that qualified the consumer based on an LTV of 90% or less and cash needed of at least $10k).

The results from the mid-90's were primarily based on the current calling enviroment and interest rates. A mortgage company was able to buy almost ANY list and get one qualified app per telemarketing hour.

Now, however, a mortgage company engaged in telemarketing has to be very selective with their list and still only acheive about 1 qualified app every Three telemarketing hours. If a telemarketing company guarantees you an app per hour in the new millenium... Take it and then come back here when it doesn't work out.

One of two things will happen. First, you'll have to buy only 'high finance' consumer lists -- who probably have little or no equity. Or, second, you'll end up throwing half (or more) of the apps out because they're no good.

Sound familiar?

What we offer:

Stellar Performance Marketing functions as a clearing house, or broker, for mortgage companies needing telemarketing services. With over 40 experienced, telemarketing companies at it's disposal, and high quality mortgage lists, much of the legwork has already been done for you.

Telemarketing rates vary all over the country. Large companies will want $35-$45 per hour and the smaller the number of hours, the higher rate--if you're even accepted.
Stellar Performance has arranged an hourly rate of $28.00 for all mortgage clients that agree to the general information presented on this page in increments of 100 prepaid hours.
The 100 hours will be conducted in about a 5-day period.
Please note: A 'hot transfer' (where the telemarketer transfers an interested customer directly to one of your loan officers) costs $32.00 / hour.

Telemarkeitng centers have agreed to make the following items contractually available to any mortgage company that agrees to utulize this unique service.

  1. A guarantee of 1 qualified consumer app per every 3 telemarketing
    hours (0.33 sph).*
  2. Remote monitoring of reps via a secure and silent monitoring system.
  3. A printout of every app.
  4. Daily reporting shows sales, hours, sph, contacts per hour, list conversion, etc.
  5. Completion of each list source within the agreed-to timeframes.
  6. A credit for every telemarketing hour below the .50 sph guarantee in the subsequent purchase of 100 hours..
  7. A basic mortgage script.
  8. Training at no cost to the mortgage client.
  9. No set up or reporting fees.
  10. All sales will be tape recorded for training purposes.
* Credit will rarely be pulled by any telemarketing company. The mortgage company is responsible for the credit analysis. An abbreviated app will consist of the following data.
  1. Customer and spouse name, physical/property address, city, state, zip, phone number.
  2. The approximate current market value of the home according to the owner.
  3. Current balance on the first and second mortgages and any liens.
  4. LTV calculation based on this information (app kicks out if > 90% LTV).
  5. Customer's guestimate of their current credit rating.
  6. Best time to call the customer and at what number.
  7. Current first and second mortgage rates if known.
  8. Amount of Cash wanted and the purpose.
  9. First and second mortgage lender names, if known.
  10. Social security numbers and/or DOB's are not asked for.*

* Over the past few years, consumers have been repeatedly warned about giving out 'private' information including social security numbers. Loan officers will need to obtain this information or risk losing about 40-50% of the possible abbreviated apps.

If you're interested in looking into the possiblilty of having an experienced mortgage telemarketing company keep your loan officers busy, just send us an email below.

Just send us: an email request by clicking here.

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