Labor Strategies

Labor Problems? Can't find enough help? Here are several ideas that might help you get additional labor in a very short period of time.

When placing advertisements, consider a 'display' ad in the help-wanted section of the newspaper versus a simple classified ad. At the top of the ad, clearly state HELP WANTED and then have 2 columns of information that list:
1. What you offer--every possible benefit!!!
2. What you need or the type of qualifications.
Be careful on your wording of the qualifications. Compare these 'ad' statements:
  • Mature working habits: You might have just lost a lot of young people.
  • Excellent typing skills: In most telemarketing cases, 20wpm is more than enough. In fact, one of the best salespeople I ever met typed with the eraser-end of a pencil, and it was quite smooth, because she spelled the info as she poked each letter on the keyboard.
  • Excellent reading skills: Do you want only state debating champs? Use a phrase like, 'able to read', and let the interviewer make the determination.
  • Call for an appointment: If you need people, they should be able to call whatever hours you're open. Don't limit yourself. If you're open from 8am-10pm, place this phrase: For more information, call ##### from 8am-10pm.
  • Nights & weekends only: How many applicants did you just lose because they can't work 2 saturdays a month? Get the applicants in, then explain your scheduling needs.
  • Flexible scheduling: You just created a nightmare. Instead, use, "Choice of schedule options".
  • If possible, put a picture of a few employees that are happy with their job in the paper and list where they're from. One month, we did this with 6 employees on the front page of a 'rural' advertiser type paper and we didn't need to place another ad for 6 weeks!
  • Try a different type of ad. One company in PA was pulling their hair out trying to find employees until they decided to run a 'display' ad and they put in catchy phrases like, NO STANDING, NO WAITING, & NO COOKING! It worked, they got 35 applicants in one week. Prior to that, if they got 5 applicants in a week, they were overjoyed!
  • Take a copy of your display ad and blow it up on colored paper. Then post it in these areas:
    1. In grocery stores.
    2. In convenience stores.
    3. In laundry mats.
    4. On telephone poles (if legal).
    5. On EVERY bulletin board that can be found in High Schools and Colleges.
    6. Talk with the 'career' counselors in High Schools and Colleges too!
    7. On car windshields in large parking lots. (again check legality)
    8. At senior citizen centers.
    9. On EVERY church bulletin board you can find within 20 miles.
    10. On bus stop poles, benches or shelters. ( with company)
    11. In hardware stores (you're not competing, and many wives go for parts..)
    12. If you don't have an attendance policy with a bonus structure, start one. This is the 90's and most people want more money now so they can work less. The old adage of no bonuses or incentives (just an hourly rate) just doesn't work very well in a sales organization anymore. Make your policy simple. Perfect attendance is worth a dollar an hour bonus. It's really worth it when you consider the cost of ads and training!
    13. Consider a referral bonus. After all, your best employees will probably bring in people just like them!...and this might cost less than ads!

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