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Telemarketing & Direct Mail Lists Now Available

List selections available for as little as 3 cents per name with full data on selected lists.
List information includes Name, address, city, state, zip, phone, 16-billing information, etc. For more information, email from the bottom of the page or give us a call.

Cut your long distance costs.

This service is now available to registered members.

  1. Are you paying more than 3.5 cents per minute for your ld?
  2. Are you paying for an 18 second minimum? (versus 1/10th of a minute minimum?)
  3. Are you paying over $1,000/month per T1 access? How about $300/month instead?
If any of these figures could help you save money, you might want to send us an email to see how much money you could save. Over a dozen ld carriers are now available with rates as low as 3.0 cents per minute, depending on volume.

Available: 24-station predictive dialer with full scripting capability for less than $1500/station. Interested parties may call Dan Seliger @ 712-225-1288 for more information.

Dan Seliger, Stellar Performance Marketing, Inc.
PO Box 354
Cherokee, IA 51012
(712) 225-1288

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